My Winter Break Master Cleanse

20 Days And Counting

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Day#3-The Detox Day
There are certain days considered harder than others during the Master Cleanse, these are sometimes called "detox days".

Although everyday of the cleanse is a detox there are certain days such as day 3 where it gets a little rough.

My day 3 started at 3 am with having to get up repeatedly for "toxic poops".
And then this morning upon waking with really dark and nefarious appearing "toxic poops"

Right now I am drinking my SWF which I was considering skipping because I feel like my butt needs a break.

But, on a detox day the SWF is probably the most essential.

I was also considering trying to go to the gym, but with the lack of sleep and the slight fatigue and the lateness of my SWF I think I might just take it easy and maybe focus on house cleaning.

I am so glad I am on winter break while doing this!


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