My Winter Break Master Cleanse

20 Days And Counting

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Day#1- Evening Thoughts
It's been a decent day #1 of the cleanse. Day #1 and your last day are always the best days of the cleanse for me. The lightness in the step from a newly flushed colon, the first sweet/sour/spicy taste of the lemonade, and food doesn't really become a factor yet.

I know I am talking too soon, but moments like this are rare during the cleanse so I am savoring it now.

It was 27 degrees today, this might be just a cold front but even so, the cleanse can make one feel cold as it is and adding subfreezing temps into the mix is not going to be easy.

So, I bought gloves.

I went out to the bookstore. Brought a plastic bottle of lemonade with me. Ordered a mint tea while my guy had a coffee. It was really no different than when we have our coffees together.

Every so often I took sips of my lemonade, everything was fine.

I even made dinner for my guy tonight. All I had to do was season up and heat up a frozen pizza, he is such a wonderful guy, he loves anything I cook.

None of the cooking bothered me.

I miss not having an evening snack, but I'll be okay


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