My Winter Break Master Cleanse

20 Days And Counting

Day#2-Toxic Poop

It was four in the morning of day two of the Master Cleanse and I already got the toxic poops.

The toxic poops are the burning poops one gets when toxins are released and are exited through the colon.

In Master Cleansing there are series of these nasty episodes. But the positive side is that after one of these nasty toxic poops one feels so much better.

It's almost like reaching another level of detoxing in the cleanse.

The body and mind feels clearer post toxic poop.

Is there enough said about drinking water on the cleanse?

When I woke up this am my mouth was parched. I think some of this was from the detoxing, but I think some of it was from replacing water intake with the lemonade.

I don't think enough is said about including water in the Master Cleanse.

I think I once read somewhere that for each glass of lemonade one drinks, one should also consume a glass of water.
I think this to be a good policy.

Having a glass of lemonade every 2 hours and a glass of water in between will probably help ward off the hunger pangs as well.


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