My Winter Break Master Cleanse

20 Days And Counting

Day Before The Cleanse
I have done this before, I don't know if I posted that.

I have done the cleanse twice, once for 10 days once for 30.

Each cleanse is different depending on how bad you let yourself get with bad foods and toxins.

I think this one should be about average.

Again, I am trying to rid the nicotine (started smoking again with school) the bad white foods of white flour, sugar, potatoes and the occasional dairy.

I know I was supposed to eat light before the cleanse. I ate sort of hearty vegetarian, but not big meals.

The problem is the cold and snow, it makes me crave warm hearty foods.

Last night my wonderful guy was so understanding he suggested we make a nice big fruit and veggie salad for our New Years celebration.

We put together papaya, herb and spinach greens and cucumbers with a mango dressing with some nice pink champagne.

This will make things a little easier.

But, back to tomorrow....

I am looking forward to it, but sort of apprehensive, sort of like riding up the first big slope on a roller coaster, about to reach the top and looking down at what is about to come. 

Last Meal
I just had the last meal before the cleanse.

This was not a meal I was going to take too lightly and I was torn between juicing every piece of produce in the fridge, and cooking up a pot of sweet and sour vegan meatballs with brown rice.

I went with the juice.

Juicing is a pain, it's not fun like cooking. It's more like playing a psycho killer with a wood chipper in a John Carpenter movie.

I juiced the last of the spinach, apple, carrots, celery and cranberries. It tasted like sour carrots. Tried to pawn some of it off on the boyfriend, he took a taste and then announced that it tasted like sour carrots. Needed more apple.

Last meal- big glass of everything juice!

 I love smoking.

I smoke clove cigarettes ...and yes... I know they are even worse than the worst of worst...but I honestly love them.

I am smoking one right now. YUM!

I cleanse to get off them, and it works. The cleanse is great for addictions.

I found this interesting quote here

"Benefit #6 - If you are a smoker, a drinker, a bad food eater, or any other addiction that we commonly go through, the master cleanse can be of great help. Many people have quit smoking cigarettes during the master cleanse because it is much easier when you are flushing the toxins that keep you addicted. This is also very true for fast food junkies. You will get rid of that addiction by day 4."

Breaking up with coffee and cigarettes is going to be the tough part.

They are close partners in my life.

Often the three of us worked very closely together on work, homework, in the early morning to the late night hours.

They remind me of the artist in myself. The self destructive pleasures artists do to stay decadent can be the best part of being an artist.

Reality is that a healthier state is also a great way to stay motivated, so lemons here I come...

The Laxative Tea
The kick off for the cleanse is the nightly cup of laxative tea. 

I use a tea called "Smooth Move" which is the popular one. There is a chocolate flavour Smooth Move (YES!)

I always add a glop of either maple syrup or raw dark agave syrup. It has a very nice earthy/caramel taste and it can be a warm comfort at the end of the day.

The importance of the tea is to keep the bowels moving and bump up the elimination process to work faster.

There might be some cramping, especially at first. 


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