My Winter Break Master Cleanse

20 Days And Counting

Day#7- 7 Common Mistakes Made on the Master Cleanse

I found this interesting article on MasterCleanse.org

"Master Cleanse Mistake 1: Fearing Misconceptions

The misconceptions listed here are simply unfounded beliefs held by people, usually instilled by an ignorant population, parents, friends and rumors. Our lives are filled with these misconceptions, sometimes known as wives tales.

Master Cleanse Mistake 2:

Understanding Cravings
It is important to understand the different kind of cravings we have. It is true that there is a physical desire to eat, an instinct as strong as flight from danger or procreation. What isn’t necessarily true, however, is that every sensation of hunger is related to that life-or-death instinct. Psychological cravings can be a part of our response. As we age, we begin to associate good or bad situations with eating. These associations – situations, smells, colors – are attached to emotions (good and bad), and then to eating. When scenarios arise that carry these messages, we feel a craving to eat, in the manner of Pavlov’s Dog. In fact, almost all hunger pangs or cravings are psychological. You should not, however, ignore true hunger, which is difficult to describe other than to say: you’ll know it when you feel it. As you progress on the Cleanse, you will understand more clearly your limits and the messages your body is sending – which ones are real, and which ones make you eat with the fridge door open in your underwear at 11pm because your girlfriend just hung up on you.

Master Cleanse Mistake 3:

Buying Low Grade Maple Syrup
Don’t be cheap or lazy here. There is PURE, unrefined, maple syrup available somewhere nearby. The real stuff contains all the nutrients natural to the product, the “blood” of a tree. These nutrients are used directly by your body, and are combined and converted with the nutrients and vitamins from the cayenne and lemon juice to provide your essential requirements.

Master Cleanse Mistake 4:

Running out of Lemons or Maple Syrup
This happens easier than you would think, especially if you are being strict and only using organic lemons. Many organic stores are closed on Saturday or Sunday. And sometimes there is no store open at all. If you find yourself without lemons, just drink the maple syrup. If you are out of both, and are feeling low on energy, find a natural, sugar-based liquid. You want to treat your body like a living IV – intravenous. Just get some calories in there without disturbing your resting system.

Master Cleanse Mistake 5:

Eating other Foods and Cheating
You may think a little cheating doesn’t hurt. Well, it does, if it causes you to fail. Once you get your mind/body thinking more about other foods, your desires will increase. Nothing with make that happen more quickly than eating other foods. This cleanse is a difficult challenge, and I’ll admit to a few tricks. On days when it feels more difficult, I drink a herbal tea in the evening with a little maple syrup in it. A small glass of pure, freshly squeezed orange juice can do wonders for the psyche. Just remember to wash it down with a lot of water.

Master Cleanse Mistake 6:

Not Inducing Movements, Laxative and the SWF
Everyone Poops. I love the name of that book. And everyone must poop. You eliminate toxins by having bowel movements. Make it happen everyday, or at least every 18 hours. I would do it every morning. I like the sea salt internal bath (see instructions). You can alternate evening one day, miss a day and go morning next, then miss a day and go evening next. Make a habit out of seeing how much cleaner your movements become every day.

Master Cleanse Mistake 7:

Breaking too Fast or No Ease-Out
Most information out there ends at this sentence: Make sure you don’t break your fast too early. Hello? Not enough information. And others have the nerve to add: “Or serious injury can occur”. Thanks for that! It is probably common sense that on day 10 of your cleanse you don’t eat a Veggie sandwich from Burger King – although I witnessed a friend do just that. He was fine, however; maybe a little constipated for a few days. I also don’t have much more information on this, but please post comments with your experiences. This area of the Cleanse may be construed as medical advice. You should note, I KNOW nothing more than the understanding my experience provides. However, I can at least safely state this: just ease yourself back in. If you have to eat NOW, then choose something smart like an orange. Be careful about constipation. Moving back to solids will require a lot of water to keep you smooth."

Day#5-In The Swing of Things

Day #5 is smack in the middle of Stage 2 of the Master Cleanse detox.  

I felt like my intestines couldn't handle the SWF this morning so I had a cup of laxative tea instead.

The effect is not exactly the same but it does induce frequent eliminations.
I am feeling pretty tired.

I was hoping to go to the gym this first week, but I don't think my energy level is up to it.

I seem to be having issues with the sides of my lower back, around where I think the kidneys are, so I spent some time laying down.

I think I will try to really take things easy today.

Day#4-Stages in Detox

According to what I have read there are 4 stages of detox in the Master Cleanse, and it looks like I am getting into stage 2.

I found this information on lemonademastercleanse.org

Here they are:

"1st stages (Usually day 1 to day 2)
Typically on the 1st day of the fast, if you are doing what is instructed in the lemonade diet, you will have intestinal pains due to the laxative tea. Usually, most people would complain about the salt water flush.
Internally, the body’s blood sugar level would drop as you are not consuming any foods. You may feel weaker because glycogen would be taken from the muscle.
Symptoms like sore throat, headaches, light headedness, sometimes even fever. You will start to feel intense hunger at this stage of the cleanse.

2nd Stages (Day 3 to Day 7)
This is usually when dieters find themselves losing weight. It is because all the fats are being broken down to release glyceride molecules. These molecules are then converted to glucose. When these fats are eliminated from the body, your skin may become oily even you have problem-free skin. Pimples or even a boil may start to appear on the surface of your skin.
As the digestive system is able to rest well because it is not consuming any foods, it can now focus on cleansing and healing itself. The various organs would start to heal and repair. While it is healing itself, your body would excrete all the toxins. Yellow colored mucus may be one of the by product of the detoxification of the body. Your breath is usually stinky at this period of time and you will find your tongue thickly coated.
During this stage, with the colon free from any work, it can finally do its work in clearing the unwanted waste that is stuck in there for years. With laxative tea, it will help our colon being cleansed and cleared everyday.

3rd Stages (7th to 10th day)
Some of the days, the tongue can be pink due to the fact that the body may have finished cleansing itself. The healing and repairing of the organs may be completed around this stage. The body now being adapted to the whole fasting process, can now works at its peak in replacing damaged cells and tissues. A longer master cleanse could even heal the body completely while a short fast may only reduce the symptoms.
Some dieters found that they are still discharging mucus through the nose or throat on rare occasion. This is perhaps due to the leftover toxins from the lymphatic system.

4th Stages (Post Master Cleanse)
Now as the body is thoroughly cleansed, one is taking healthy and nutritious foods slowly and progressively. This process allows the body to absorb the healthy nutrients and vitamins that it is lacked of during the entire period of the diet.
When taking the nutrients and vitamins food progressively, one is able to absorb much more. Hence it is essential that one should follow a healthy diet when they finished the Master Cleanse."

Day#3-Sex and the Master Cleanse

Can one be romantic and intimate during the Master Cleanse?


I have a terrific guy. We have a very healthy sex life. But, can we have sex while I am feeling ... *blech*...?

Actually, even with the yucky breath and million trips to the bathroom I am finding no issues in hampering our chemistry.

I found it actually helps with lifting the spirits.

I also found this interesting thread on CureZone which looks to be sort of old but pretty interesting.

I say sex during the cleanse is good!

Day#3-The Detox Day
There are certain days considered harder than others during the Master Cleanse, these are sometimes called "detox days".

Although everyday of the cleanse is a detox there are certain days such as day 3 where it gets a little rough.

My day 3 started at 3 am with having to get up repeatedly for "toxic poops".
And then this morning upon waking with really dark and nefarious appearing "toxic poops"

Right now I am drinking my SWF which I was considering skipping because I feel like my butt needs a break.

But, on a detox day the SWF is probably the most essential.

I was also considering trying to go to the gym, but with the lack of sleep and the slight fatigue and the lateness of my SWF I think I might just take it easy and maybe focus on house cleaning.

I am so glad I am on winter break while doing this!

Is there enough said about drinking water on the cleanse?

When I woke up this am my mouth was parched. I think some of this was from the detoxing, but I think some of it was from replacing water intake with the lemonade.

I don't think enough is said about including water in the Master Cleanse.

I think I once read somewhere that for each glass of lemonade one drinks, one should also consume a glass of water.
I think this to be a good policy.

Having a glass of lemonade every 2 hours and a glass of water in between will probably help ward off the hunger pangs as well.

Day#2-Toxic Poop

It was four in the morning of day two of the Master Cleanse and I already got the toxic poops.

The toxic poops are the burning poops one gets when toxins are released and are exited through the colon.

In Master Cleansing there are series of these nasty episodes. But the positive side is that after one of these nasty toxic poops one feels so much better.

It's almost like reaching another level of detoxing in the cleanse.

The body and mind feels clearer post toxic poop.

Day#1- Evening Thoughts
It's been a decent day #1 of the cleanse. Day #1 and your last day are always the best days of the cleanse for me. The lightness in the step from a newly flushed colon, the first sweet/sour/spicy taste of the lemonade, and food doesn't really become a factor yet.

I know I am talking too soon, but moments like this are rare during the cleanse so I am savoring it now.

It was 27 degrees today, this might be just a cold front but even so, the cleanse can make one feel cold as it is and adding subfreezing temps into the mix is not going to be easy.

So, I bought gloves.

I went out to the bookstore. Brought a plastic bottle of lemonade with me. Ordered a mint tea while my guy had a coffee. It was really no different than when we have our coffees together.

Every so often I took sips of my lemonade, everything was fine.

I even made dinner for my guy tonight. All I had to do was season up and heat up a frozen pizza, he is such a wonderful guy, he loves anything I cook.

None of the cooking bothered me.

I miss not having an evening snack, but I'll be okay

Day #1-When Life Hands You Lemons Make Lemonade!
The Lemonade  

The lemonade is the fun part  and it is YUMMY! I LOVE good maple syrup, even though it is too pricey, cayenne pepper is always awesome and of course who doesn't love refreshing lemons?

Altogether it makes a yummy drink that taste better than bottled juices.

I have posted the recipe for it here    and I usually make half gallon at a time with three lemons, 1/2 cup of syrup and as much red pepper to wake up the sinuses.

Of course the basic principle behind the lemonade is that it's the detox aide. The lemons are an astringent, the syrup gives you calories and sugars to sustain, and the cayenne loosens and helps remove mucus.

If you are trying to hand squeeze your lemons you are going to have a hard time of it. I use a citrus juicer, the one I like the most is the Presto Lemonade Maker

I like it because it has a nice half gallon base that has an extra lid to store in the fridge. I have looked around the web and it appears that it is not available for sale in most of the well known sites such as Amazon.com. But there are other citrus juicers out there to help with the lemon juicing.                                                                                  

Day#1- Salt Water Flushing
The salt water flush is probably the most essential part of the cleanse, but it is also the least pleasant.

It must be done every morning upon waking.

This nasty task entails one quart of warm water and two teaspoons of very good quality celtic sea salt, and it all must be downed within 15 minutes.

The key to this part is the salt, as not all salt is equal. Using any salt labeled celtic sea salt will not work, it must be a raw unprocessed salt.

The salt I use has a grey tint to it. Its the Vital Mineral brand

It also means you must be near a toilet for the next two hours and it's hard to go anywhere.

Now, everyone is different, and the SWF doesn't always kick in on morning #1 and using the wrong salt will also not work and it can make you puke.

But the importance of the SWF is it acts as an enema from the opposite direction, and will flush out the toxins better than anything else.

If the water is warm enough it almost tastes like soup, keeping that in mind and the fact that it's the only savory thing consumed during the cleanse can help this part go better.


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