My Winter Break Master Cleanse

20 Days And Counting

Day#1- Salt Water Flushing
The salt water flush is probably the most essential part of the cleanse, but it is also the least pleasant.

It must be done every morning upon waking.

This nasty task entails one quart of warm water and two teaspoons of very good quality celtic sea salt, and it all must be downed within 15 minutes.

The key to this part is the salt, as not all salt is equal. Using any salt labeled celtic sea salt will not work, it must be a raw unprocessed salt.

The salt I use has a grey tint to it. Its the Vital Mineral brand

It also means you must be near a toilet for the next two hours and it's hard to go anywhere.

Now, everyone is different, and the SWF doesn't always kick in on morning #1 and using the wrong salt will also not work and it can make you puke.

But the importance of the SWF is it acts as an enema from the opposite direction, and will flush out the toxins better than anything else.

If the water is warm enough it almost tastes like soup, keeping that in mind and the fact that it's the only savory thing consumed during the cleanse can help this part go better.

Day #1-When Life Hands You Lemons Make Lemonade!
The Lemonade  

The lemonade is the fun part  and it is YUMMY! I LOVE good maple syrup, even though it is too pricey, cayenne pepper is always awesome and of course who doesn't love refreshing lemons?

Altogether it makes a yummy drink that taste better than bottled juices.

I have posted the recipe for it here    and I usually make half gallon at a time with three lemons, 1/2 cup of syrup and as much red pepper to wake up the sinuses.

Of course the basic principle behind the lemonade is that it's the detox aide. The lemons are an astringent, the syrup gives you calories and sugars to sustain, and the cayenne loosens and helps remove mucus.

If you are trying to hand squeeze your lemons you are going to have a hard time of it. I use a citrus juicer, the one I like the most is the Presto Lemonade Maker

I like it because it has a nice half gallon base that has an extra lid to store in the fridge. I have looked around the web and it appears that it is not available for sale in most of the well known sites such as Amazon.com. But there are other citrus juicers out there to help with the lemon juicing.                                                                                  

Day#1- Evening Thoughts
It's been a decent day #1 of the cleanse. Day #1 and your last day are always the best days of the cleanse for me. The lightness in the step from a newly flushed colon, the first sweet/sour/spicy taste of the lemonade, and food doesn't really become a factor yet.

I know I am talking too soon, but moments like this are rare during the cleanse so I am savoring it now.

It was 27 degrees today, this might be just a cold front but even so, the cleanse can make one feel cold as it is and adding subfreezing temps into the mix is not going to be easy.

So, I bought gloves.

I went out to the bookstore. Brought a plastic bottle of lemonade with me. Ordered a mint tea while my guy had a coffee. It was really no different than when we have our coffees together.

Every so often I took sips of my lemonade, everything was fine.

I even made dinner for my guy tonight. All I had to do was season up and heat up a frozen pizza, he is such a wonderful guy, he loves anything I cook.

None of the cooking bothered me.

I miss not having an evening snack, but I'll be okay


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